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No description necessary…words can’t do this one justice.

Shiny and New, it’s a switchblade from Samson. The old tower (also from Samson) was switched for this one. The bimini and speakers are new as well. Woot woot! Call us if you would like a smilar upgrade, we make them for any and every boat. Fully customized to suit your needs!

Here’s a story about a trip not soon to be forgotten. A family in California bought a tower for their North River. The family was so excited to see it that they built a road trip around picking up the boat and all five kids came! I am sure they have so many memories packed into that trip, not the least of which is when they finally got to climb aboard and see the tower first hand. Surely you will understand why we love this shot captured of all of them on the boat with their Samson shirts on. What an incredibly smart looking crew!

Just loved this late evening ride shot. The setting made us appreciate how gorgeous it is here in our neck of the woods. We are thinking that (aside for being thankful for his Samson Sports Wakeboard tower) this rider was thankful for his wetsuit! It’s not everyone who can brave the waters around here in November but looks like it was worth it!

While working in the shop the other day we came across this wicked looking boat as it spun it’s web trying to put a rider in it’s crosshairs…

We are huge fans of Inland Surfer Wakesurf Boards and obviously they are big fans of ours! Just look at that nice fat sticker they have on the back of their boat! Picture is from their site.

Though we shudder to think of life without a Samson we have seen it done. These guys seem to have it going on. We have to admit, it looks FUN. Can you imagine some of these guys behind a Samson Tower?!? I mean really, if you can have this much fun on a SLIP n SLIDE think about what they could do behind one of our towers!?!

What’s a buoyrope and what can it do? What DOESN’T it do, is a better question. Every once in a while we like to highlight products that are cool, cutting edge, practical or just plain must haves and this one falls under all those categories. On our recent rip to Shasta Lake we had the good fortune of encountering the BuoyROPE and let’s just say we haven’t been the same since. Between the Buoyrope and it’s cousin, the looprope, you might just ahve found your new best friend. The video illustrates just some of the uses of a BUOYROPE.

At Samson we get a natural high doing our jobs. Who wouldn’t love to work with beautiful boats everyday! But this, this was a Chapparal High. We love the way this boat looks anyway but now that it has a Samson tower, speakers and Samson mirror, we are all over it.

Wakeboarding is a sport for the young of heart and well…the just plain young. Pictured is the ADORABLE daughter of the owner of Samson Sports. She is just four years old and already enjoying the ride behind her Daddy’s tower. Did we mention how safe our towers are? Trust me, her mom wouldn’t just put her behind any tower! Fan of Samson Sports, Larry Harrison, posted this pic with the caption “Please God….Don’t let my Daddy go too fast………”

Our Xtreme Lense Mirror gives the driver and unparalleled view of your rider no matter where they are behind the boat. In addition as evidenced by this picture, it gives great perspective for your resident onboard photographer to capture a great shot! Thanks @chadburton for the great pic. Nice riding!

You might think the difference between other towers and ours is grey and fuzzy but do the homework and you’ll see, ours are far and away the choice if you are looking for both quality craftsmanship and cutting edge style. Like the yellow line on this gorgeous cobalt boat we put a tower on recently, our towers have a definitive edge over the competition.

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