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Board Racks – Wakeboard, Surf, Ski and Hydrofoil Tower Racks

Samson Sports manufactures several styles of racks to keep wakeboards, surfboards, kneeboards and skis from cluttering up your boat’s interior.  We take pride in using only USA aircraft grade 6061 billet aluminum and the latest CNC machining to build these racks in-house. Because of our commitment to build “only the best”  our spinning and fixed racks that have become the benchmark for quality.

Typhoon Spinning Wakeboard RacksWakeboard Rack Typhoon by Samson Sports

The Typhoon Spinning rack has taken board storage to the next level. These racks allow you to swing the boards into the boat with one finger. When you pull the release lever the boards/skis will automatically spin all the way into the boat and lock in to place. No more leaning out over the water to get to your board.  When you pull the release lever again I the boards will lock in to place   when you spin them outside the boat.

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Below is a list of Typhoon Racks available Specialty Wakeboard Towers:

Fusion Wakeboard RacksFusion wakeboard racks by Samson Sports

Get your boards off the floor of your boat with a Fusion boardrack. Each Fusion billet boardrack will hold two boards each. The Wake /Wake model will hold 2 wakeboards. The Wake/Surf  combo rack one wakeboard and one surfboard. It will also hold some wake skates

All of our boardracks are made in-house using our state-of- the-art computer controlled machining equipment. The ¾” billet aluminum forks have a rubber lining to protect the boards and is polished to a mirror finish. The Fusion racks will fit all Samson Edge towers and some Chaparral, Moomba and Monterey towers

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Cannon Wakeboard, Surfboard, Kneeboard RacksCannon Wakeboard Rack by Samson Sports

Our Cannon billet boardracks will allow you to store all of your toys on the tower instead of cluttering up your boat.  These racks are available for all Samson towers and many other towers.  We use the latest computer aided milling machines to build precision fit clamps in 16 different sizes from 7/8” to 3.0”. No more of cheap looking, one-size-fits-all clamps that don’t stay tight on the tower tubing.  The billet  mount that attaches the racks to the tower rotates to allow you to position the rack on any angle of tubing and be able to make the boards level.   The rubber lining inside the billet forks will keep the boards secure and scratch free.

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Cannon Water Ski Rack

Cannon waterski rackThe Samson Cannon billet water ski rack was designed to allow you to store skis on the tower instead of in the boat. This rack will hold 2 slalom skis or a pair of combo skis. We use the latest CNC machines to build the forks from   ¾” aluminum plate. We make the precision fit clamp in 16 different sizes from 7/8” to 3.0” to cover every tower tube size. The clamp that attaches the rack to the tower will rotate to allow the rack to be positioned on any angle of tubing and make the skis level.


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Typhoon Spinning Hydrofoil Rackswakeboard tower hydrofoil rack

Built in strut holder provides optimal support for your hydrofoil, eliminating any hydrofoil movement.

Samson Sports Hydrofoil Racks can mount at any angle. When mounted on the vertical bar the rack can swivel into the boat  making it easier to load and unload. Simply turn the black lever 1 turn to allow the rack to swivel.

Slide the ski into the forks and the foil is held in place by the built in clamp making sure your hydrofoil is secure.

Samson Sports also manufactures Typhoon Spinning Hydrofoil Racks for the Malibu Illusion X & XS Towers.

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