SMT65 Tower Speakers


The SMT 65 proves that you don’t have to have huge tower speakers to off huge sound. The SMT 65’s A.K.A. “Surf Speaker” offers incredible full range sound. The oversized 6.75” Mid/Base and 1” tweeter provide smooth, warm sound. The grill mounted titanium tweeter is suspended directly in front of the mid bass driver and positioned to deliver precise accurate sound and maximizes cone area. These speakers will provide audiophile quality sound for wakesurfing and everyone in the boat or on the beach. The SMT is a big leap forward compared to factory tower speakers. Whether you are in the party cove or crusin’ in the boat your ears will be amazed.


Add an XM30.2 Marine Amp!

The XM30.2 Marine Amplifier is a 2-channel, massively powered, limited edition wake sports amplifier that was designed for powering 2 or 4 tower speakers. This is not a car amp slapped with a “marine” label. The XM30.2 was designed to provide crisp clean power to SMT65’s, S7’s and S9’s.

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The SMT65’s will come with our patented quick release/spinning mount system. The speakers appear to be wireless when you “plug-in” to the tower mount. This mounting system allows you to remove the speakers in 30 seconds for travel or to prevent theft. It will also allow you to spin or “aim” the speakers in any direction-behind the boat or toward the beach- without worrying about winding the wires up. Included are tube mounts that will fit towers from 1 7/8 to 2.5” diameter. Other sizes are available by requests. Also included are mounts for Malibu Illusion X and XS towers, Tige Alpha Z tower, Four Winns and Sea Ray forward Arch towers.

SMT65 tower speakers include:

  • 2 Tower Speakers
  • 2 Quick disconnect clamps
  • 1 Owner’s manual

The SMT65’s use a 1” titanium tweeter and long throw driver to achieve quality sound.

These speakers work well as stand-alone tower speakers or can be combined in a hybrid system with our S7 or S9HD’s. They can take the abuse associated with a tower speaker and can handle 125 watts of continuous power- 300 peak.

Hanging Height: 10.25 inches (260.35 mm)
Speaker Height: 9.0 inches (228.6 mm)
Width: 8.875 inches (225.425 mm)
Depth: 9.5 inches (241.3 mm)
Hanging Weight: 6.1 pounds (2.7 kg)
Power Handling: 300 watts peak, 125 watts rms
Tweeter: 20mm Titanium Dome
Mid Bass: Oversized 6.75 inch injection molded polypropylene cone with weatherized rubber surround
Features: Powder coated water resistant basket composite hybrid grill
Nominal Impedance: 1,2,4 ohm
Clamp to Tower Fit: 1.875 inches to 2.5 inches
Direct Mount Compatibility:
(low profile mount)
Malibu, Illusion X & XS,
Tigé Alpha Z.
Contains Parts Protected by US Patent# 6,798,892 B2

Let your ears be the judge!

We are so confident that you will agree that we offer the best tower speakers that we offer a 30 day trial period. You can install them and “Test Drive” them in your boat for up to a month. If you are not 100% satisfied, you can return them for a full refund.

Combine the SMT9Q’s with an Exile 30.2 amplifier for the ultimate in performance and double the warranty period. Package discount available on all speaker and amp combinations.

Speaker wiring is (2) blue wires.

Positive – Blue wire with White stripe

Negative – Solid Blue wire