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Regal Power Tower Boardracks




Weight 15 lbs

Gap: 1 ¼” (both)

Wakeboard Gap: 1 ¼”
Wakesurf Gap: 2 1/8”

Gap: 2 ¼” (both)

Kneeboard / Wakeboard
Kneeboard Gap: 4”
Wakeboard Gap: 1 ¼”

Wakeboard Gap : 1 ¼” (top and bottom)
Surf Gap: 2 ¼”

Regal Power Tower Install Instructions

STEP 1. Determine mounting location. Check for obstructions like bimini struts, bimini mounts, grab rails, etc. Do not mount too low as some board’s boots might hit the gunwale. You can see from the first picture that we had to mount below the rear bimini strut mount to allow the board rack to rotate inward properly.

STEP 2. With the boat on its trailer, make sure the boat is level side to side. Next, either raise or lower the bow of the boat until the boat is level front to back. Once the boat is level and you have chosen a mounting location, measure up from the gunwale at the front of the tower where it mounts to the gunwale and make a mark at the bolt hole height. Using your level draw a line across the tower centered on your mark making sure to allow enough room above and below this line for the height of the boardrack mounting plate and any obstructions. This is going to be the mounting bolts center line.

STEP 3. With a 3/16″ thick spacer between the rear edge of the tower and the spinning mechanism, hold the boardrack up against the side of the tower, centering the holes in the mounting plate over your “line”. Mark your holes allowing enough space between the boardrack spinner and the tower to avoid contact during use.

When you drill into the tower start with a 1/8″ or smaller drill bit. The tower is hollow. Once the bit is through the first side of the tower you are working on don’t push too hard to avoid chipping when the bit exits the other side of the tower. When you step up to the larger bits run them in reverse to avoid grabbing and chipping. Once you have reached the desired hole size, use a 1″ or similar sized drill mounted grinding ball or large drill bit in reverse to chamfer the edges of the holes. This will keep the bolt from contacting and chipping the gel coat.*

*Samson Sports is not liable for damage incurred to tower during installation

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