Wakeboard Tower Reviews

Samson towers are used by professional wakeboarders and by up-and-coming riders who know our towers will give them a competitive edge. Sometimes words alone can’t demonstrate what our towers can do for you, so just check out what our customers say about our products below.

“Our customers push the limits and depend upon us for the ultimate wakeboarding experience”
Scott Parnell – President Samson Sports

Greg S. Avatar
Greg S.
9/18/2023 - Google
WOW!!! I can’t believe how awesome the tower looks on the family boat I grew up on and continue with my own family!!! It is solid and soundly construc... read more
Duane R. Avatar
Duane R.
8/14/2023 - Google
Great racks!
Robert H. Avatar
Robert H.
7/21/2023 - Google
Awesome customer service. My bimini's support arms had some screws jiggle out that I didn't notice and Melody shipped me some new ones with some loc... read more
William D. Avatar
William D.
6/04/2023 - Google
Awesome place to work. Great atmosphere. We work hard to produce quality equipment for your boat.
Bradley H. Avatar
Bradley H.
6/03/2023 - Google
I bought a razor wake tower for my 2009 Cobalt 232 during the pandemic and had to pick it up and get it installed locally because I live in Canada. F... read more
Gabriel K. Avatar
Gabriel K.
5/05/2023 - Google
Best all around towers and boat accessory. My family has used Samson sports for the last 25 years and we will continue to give them our business!
Dan Kern
Quality work - amazing products - a staff that know how to do the tough stuff upgrading a boat. Most recently Scott,Brian and Ryan updated and made my... read more
Brandon T. Avatar
Brandon T.
12/20/2021 - Google
Michael B. Avatar
Michael B.
10/20/2021 - Google
Scott and crew offer first rate and professional service to their quality products.
Niko Z. Avatar
Niko Z.
10/20/2021 - Google
Took care of my boat wonderfully.
Reggie M. Avatar
Reggie M.
10/20/2021 - Google
Very nice people work there! No truck over night parking. They will get you in and out.
tony t. Avatar
tony t.
10/20/2021 - Google
Awesome place
Mr. M. Avatar
Mr. M.
10/20/2021 - Google
Joseph A. Avatar
Joseph A.
10/20/2020 - Google
Its a nice place they are helpful and the load time was fast but the driveway in here is small so u hafta jump the curve to make it
Shrek S. Avatar
Shrek S.
10/20/2020 - Google
Very good place, friendly staff!!! Just for trucks little bit tight
marco a. Avatar
marco a.
10/20/2019 - Google
Alfredo F. Avatar
Alfredo F.
10/20/2019 - Google
Colleen H. Avatar
Colleen H.
10/20/2019 - Google
M.Raheel B. Avatar
M.Raheel B.
10/20/2019 - Google
Lynn H. Avatar
Lynn H.
10/20/2019 - Google
Cory Y. Avatar
Cory Y.
10/20/2019 - Google
Very helpful and very friendly!
Mason O. Avatar
Mason O.
10/20/2018 - Google
Chris F. Avatar
Chris F.
10/20/2018 - Google
Awesome towers and excellent costumer service
Dennis H. Avatar
Dennis H.
10/20/2018 - Google
Great people !! Help me with my new tower and also hook me up with my net holder and also my anchor light extension and rod holders!!!
Steve B. Avatar
Steve B.
10/20/2018 - Google
Great products, exceptional people!!!!
Peter Y. Avatar
Peter Y.
10/20/2018 - Google
Jamie G. Avatar
Jamie G.
10/20/2017 - Google
Great quality products and even better staff!
Virginia C. Avatar
Virginia C.
10/20/2017 - Google
Kinda tight place to take a big truck, but everything else is cool nice people,
Sheri M. Avatar
Sheri M.
10/20/2017 - Google
Super helpful and extremely nice. Awesome group of people. Wonderful experience.🏄🚤🛥️
Jason F. Avatar
Jason F.
10/20/2017 - Google
Awesome! These guys are Amazing!
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