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S9HD Tower Speakers


Designed exclusively for wakeboarding and surfing the S9HD tower speakers deliver an audiophile experience that previously was not available in a boat. With a pair or two of S9’s on your tower every seat in the boat and the rider will enjoy high definition sound that has unmatched range, volume and clarity. The incredible projection characteristics of the H.L.C.D. (Horn Loaded, Compression Driven speaker) will ensure that a rider 80 feet behind the boat will have a breathtaking experience listening to their favorite tunes.


Add an XM30.2 Marine Amp!

The XM30.2 Marine Amplifier is a 2-channel, massively powered, limited edition wake sports amplifier that was designed for powering 2 or 4 tower speakers. This is not a car amp slapped with a “marine” label. The XM30.2 was designed to provide crisp clean power to SMT65’s, S7’s and S9’s.

The S9’s come with our patented quick release/spinning mounting system. The speakers appear to be wireless when they “plug-in” to the tower mount. This mounting system allows you to remove the speakers in 15 seconds for travel or to prevent theft. It will also allow you to spin or “aim” the speakers in any direction without worrying about winding the wires.

  • Selectable external crossover switch for “tunable” sound
  • US patent # 6,798,892 B2

S9HD Tower Speakers Include:

  • 2 HD Tower Speakers
  • 2 Quick Release Clamps (fits 2″ to 3″) other sizes available
  • 1 Owners Manual
Hanging Height: 10.5 inches (266.3mm)
Speaker Height: 9.9 inches (251.2mm)
Width: 10.0 inches (253.7mm)
Depth: 10.2 inches (257.9mm)
Hanging Weight: 10.8 pounds (4.9 kg)
Power Handling: 500 watts peak, 250 watts rms
Compression Horn: 34mm Titanium Diaphragm
Mid-Bass: Oversized 9 inch
Driver: Injection molded polypropylene cone with weatherized rubber surround
Features: Integrated water resistant basket, composite hybrid grill / horn throat
Clamp to tower fit: 2″ to 3″ (others available)
Direct mount compatibility: Malibu, Illusion X & XS towers
Low profile mount: Tige Alpha Z

The S9’s are an H.L.C.D. speaker or Horn Loaded, Compression Driven tower speaker. Also known as “Horn” speakers, they provide exceptional volume and focus or project the sound a great distance. They differ greatly from the typical car or boat speaker that is meant to provide sound in a small space. HLCD speakers are the best choice for a wakeboarder who wants to be able to hear the music above all the motor noise and wind noise that would drown out a conventional speaker. Using the same physics as a train horn that can be heard 1000 feet or more, the S9’s will also provide incredible volume and clarity for several hundred feet behind the boat.

The size of the throat, the length of the horn and the shape of the grill as well as the area expansion rate have been carefully chosen to provide full range HD sound for people in the boat and the rider. The Exile 30.2 amplifier was designed in concert with the S7 and S9 speakers. Knowing that the tower speakers will be played for long periods at high levels, the Harpoon’s bullet –proof design will deliver huge power to 1 or 2 pair of speakers.

Speaker wiring is (2) blue wires.

Positive – Blue wire with White stripe

Negative – Solid Blue wire

Let your ears be the judge!

We are so confident that you will agree that we offer the best tower speakers that we offer a 30 day trial period. You can install them and “Test Drive” them in your boat for up to a month. If you are not 100% satisfied, you can return them for a full refund.

Combine the SMT9Q’s with an Exile 30.2 amplifier for the ultimate in performance and double the warranty period. Package discount available on all speaker and amp combinations.

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