Funny that to this day we still get asked this question time and time again. Where do we belong in the marine industry? What box do we check when we are filling out a boat show application or Craigslist posting ad? I would bet on average we receive 5 to 10 phone calls a day, ” Umm yes, do you sell ABC Wakeboards?” or ” Yes, I was wondering what type of rope you carry?” The list goes on and on. It seems that many who end up at our website have googled our company specifically. Even then, they are looking for “that thing” that you can hold wakeboards with,  oh and also a “bikini top” aka “Bimini Top“.  At trade shows many people will stop and ask what we are selling or what are “Those Things?”

We are listed many times in the “Sporting Goods” category or perhaps “Boating Accessories” which is sometimes the only box that makes sense to check. Other times “Aluminum or Metal Fabrication” or the generic “Manufacturing.”

In conversation, if I am asked, “What do you do?” I pause and hesitate for fear of mass confusion with saying, “I work for a wakeboard tower manufacturer“. I wait for the puzzling look and then proceed with, “I’m in manufacturing.” It’s just easier that way. I too have also been known to describe them as “those things that hold your wakeboards or speakers”.

However described, our industry is unique and ever changing and evolving. Maybe in the near future we will have our own box to check, “Wakeboard Tower Manufacturer“. Until then, we will have fun weeding through the descriptors!

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