We custom build towers for virtually every boat that is 16 feet or longer. We currently have patterns for over 2,000 different boat models.
Every tower we build is collapsible. It will take one person less than two minutes to collapse it-without any tools.
The Razor, Switchblade and Saber tower fold back. The Blade, Harpoon and Reverse Arch folds forward. The Edge tower will fold forward and back both.

Most towers will take 3- 4 hours to install if you have never installed one before. It will come with instructions, all hardware and backing plates. You will need simple hand tools and a drill. We have had over a thousand boat owners install their tower successfully. You can view video’s on our website on How to install a wakeboard tower.

The height of the tower is different based on each boat model. You can specify a certain height on most towers but we need to keep the tower looking in proportion to the boat length and width. Generally we would not build the tower where you would have to duck to walk under the tower or where you could not reach the tow ball to attach the rope.

Warranty information can be found in our Terms. Click here for details

Yes, speakers and/or tower lights can be added at any time, however we suggest pre-wiring the tower if you plan to add them later.
You can choose an anodized/brushed finish or from over 500 powdercoat colors including candy apple colors.
No. Each tower is custom made to fit a specific boat

We can usually build the tower to work with your existing bimini top. If the bimini is mounted on the sides of the boat instead of on the top of the gunwale we may not be able to build the tower to clear the bimini without destroying the looks of the tower. Call us at 360-833-2507 to discuss this issue and see if your existing bimini will work.

Depending on what model of tower you choose, the complete tower will weighs 90-130lbs. including all of the mounting hardware. The part that lies down will weigh between 50-90lbs
Since each tower is custom made for the exact boat it will be going on, we will computer machine the mounting hardware to match the shape of the boat-you won’t be putting a flat piece of metal on a curved piece of fiberglass. This greatly reduces the chances of developing gel-coat cracks.

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